Why GDS Creative?

With over 18 years experience in the advertising field, GDS Creative (formerly Guzman Design Studio, Inc.) has successfully helped clients from small business to corporate giants create powerful and effective campaigns resulting in increased sales and enhanced brand recognition. From corporate identity to billboards, trade show displays and web design, GDS Creative helps you connect with your customers, clients and prospects.


1Creating and maintaining a unique look in today’s marketplace is key for a successful brand strategy. Stand out!


2From brochures to direct mail, GDS Creative can create just the right tools to help you sell your products.


3Utilizing hand illustration or computer illustration, we can create custom art work for your specific needs.

Web Design

4Whether it’s a starter page or a full Website our designers can bring your product to life online.


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We care about our clients. We take the utmost pride in knowing that each and every client is given top priority. That’s why we continue to be successful. The relentless effort we put into every single project has given us that extra edge. We are here for you in whatever capacity you need us to be. Whether you need us for a small but never-the-less important project or a full campaign launch, a once a year thing or once a month challenge, we can do it all.

We at GDS Creative work with a variety of clients. If you are an advertising agency that needs a fresh new perspective from your art department, consider us part of your team. Since our artists have the training and experience of a full service ad agency mindset, we fit right in with the speed and talent you expect and deserve.

If you are a reseller such as a printer or marketing company, we can compliment your business as well. Our vast experience in print production has provided us with the knowledge to set things right the first time. Without having to go back and forth explaining how things work. We are right there with you. Our focus on today’s technology keeps us up to date with the latest media, online advertising and social media advertising that our marketing clients require and demand.

If you are just starting your business for the first time and are not sure where to start, we can guide you. GDS Creative can provide you with the materials you need to start of on the right path to a successful future. Whether it’s a stationery kit or a web presence to bring clients to the forefront, we are here to help.


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